Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Mom, Sisters and Members of Your Girl Squad

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“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.”  -Katharine Hepburn

Love doesn’t have to be so complicated. It is the experience of being intended, wanted, cared for and known. It’s been searched in many lyrics of music, poems, and other artistic ways, but love is defined by your own self or it cannot be investigate or analyse by someone else.

You can express your love in different forms or ways. Why not give something special to express your love for your loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day! Check out our list below:



Akeisha Infinity RingAkeisha Infinity Ring

This dainty promise ring serves as a symbol of your faithfulness and endless love. It also features an inscription on the inside that reads: Forever & Always.


Get it here:



Infinity “Love” Charm

Infinity Love Charm


The universal symbol for endless love, the Infinity Collection features glittering necklaces showcasing this elegant design. It’s a handcrafted piece; very dainty, simple and beautiful. You will love it!


Get it here:




Carrie P.S. I Love You Necklace

This love necklace has a rectangular pendant with an inscription that reads: P.S… I Love You.



Get it here:


Zoe I Heart You Necklace With Love Pendant


This special piece of jewelry can make anyone’s heart melt. It will surely be a treasured gift for a lifetime. Give it to someone very dear whose eternal love you cherish.



Get it here:



Heartbeat Necklaces

Heartbeat Necklaces

This Heartbeat necklace shows how alive your heart feels whenever you’re with your special someone.




Get it here:




Kiara Love Is Immeasurable Necklace

This lovely necklace is a great reminder that extraordinary love is impossible to measure. It’slimitless, boundless, and therefore, infinite.



Get it here:



Valerie I Heart You Necklace With Heart Charm


This necklace, featuring a Heart charm, can set anyone’s heart aflutter. This special jewelry piece will be a treasured gift for a lifetime. Give it to someone very dear whose eternal love you cherish. 



Get it here:


Kaitlin Angel Wings Necklace


Angel wings symbolize protection, affection, and harmony. This angel wing jewelry is a perfect way to keep its meaning close to your heart. Use this necklace to show how much you appreciate friends and loved ones who are protective of you. Or wear it to stay in harmony with your emotions. 



Get it here:




Alexis Heart Charm Bracelet DuoAlexis Heart

This bracelet symbolizes your pure, eternal love. It will remind you that you have an eternal home, you have a family, friends, society and a love that will never leave you till the end of time.

Delight yourself with this graceful and elegant heart bangle bracelet. 


Get it here:



Gellie Open Heart Earrings With Crystals, 925 Sterling Silver

Versatile and stylish pair that you can wear with your everyday wardrobe.  Made of 925 sterling silver, it features high-quality crystals, crafted to shine to perfection. Make yourself feel loved with this lovely pair.

Get it here:

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