What Labels You as a “Psycho” Girlfriend?

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We are constantly wondering what men thinks when we do things that makes them uncomfortable. So I asked a friend on what his views are or what drives a guy to label a girl “Psycho Girlfriend”. Here’s what he has to say:

A girlfriend who is crazy in love is adorable, sweet and romantic. A girlfriend who is crazy in bed is usually a keeper. A girlfriend who is just simply crazy needs either an estrogen patch or some “me time” to reevaluate some of her insane habits.

Girlfriends of the world, I’ll give your gender the great credit it deserves before I take a few swings at many of the crazy behaviors that you’ve somehow brought forth to relationships worldwide.

Ladies deal with the constant worries, struggles and thoughts of…

  •   Wondering what it would be like to appear on The Bachelor and attempt marrying Juan Pablo
  •   Deciding whether to wear your hair wavy or straight for the day
  •  “He’s such a dick to me”

Alright…all jokes aside – being an American girlfriend IS complicated because of the many unique social norms that we have in this country. Guys understand that you have to constantly play hard to get in order to appear “unreachable” at times just because we respond to that as sort of a challenge. We also realize that you’ve grown up reading all kinds of rules and guidelines like this in Cosmopolitan about “When to Text Back” or “How to Make Him Jealous” so you’re semi-brainwashed to play mind games with your man. Some of these rules can get ridiculous and I’ve seen girls take this stuff WAY too far, even using these tactics when in relationships.

Here are a few traits of the newly found and modern, psychotic species of Girlfriend Americanus:

Texting “Where are you?” The classic question of insecurity, doubt and rarely abandonment. If you’re asking this question more than just very occasionally, you’ve already lost the game of being hard to get. Now you’re just showcasing your insecurity, and it’s awkward. Men like to get away to let loose with just the guys sometimes and believe it or not, we’re probably not doing anything too questionable or scandalous. Unless he tells you that he’s “just hanging out.” We’re never just hanging out. Now you can freak out.

Constantly asking for other’s opinions of your boyfriend. The only people in the entire world who can make a solid judgement call on your relationship’s status are you and your boyfriend! That’s it. Just you two. Sure, girls love to talk with each other and gossip a little. It’s cool to seek advice on tricky issues that come up. However if you’re constantly asking others about your boyfriend, you two either have some relationship issues to work out, or you have serious issues with insecurity and indecision

You drink more alcohol than your boyfriend. My ex-girlfriend used to outdrink the shit out of me every weekend. Yes, admitting this is more than slightly embarrassing. Her excuse to binge drink every Thursday through Sunday was, “I’m in my prime so now’s the time to live life.” Yeah she was 21 and in her prime but she was drinking that beauty away pretty quickly after countless bottles of beer and wine every weekend. I’m all for having fun and a few drinks, but if you’re killing more Michelob Ultras and Patrón shots than Jonathan the alcoholic, you just might be crazy

You’re really jealous or possessive. Everyone gets a little jealous from time to time, but showing jealousy is definitely unattractive. Confidence is sexy so even if your guy is talking with other girls in purely a friendly way, this shouldn’t bother you at all. If you question your boyfriend about other girls who he’s talking with, this is a bad a sign. When a girlfriend starts asking me about other girls, I immediately know one of two things. She’s either a psycho or I need to run far away to find a secure girlfriend. Or I’m about to be interrogated based on some pictures that I was tagged in on Facebook with other girls, and I still need to run.

Being somewhat good crazy is normal and even fun. I’m a little crazy but it’s cool because I realize it and can play on my strengths to make up for the times that I show my really weird side. What gets uncomfortable is when you’re bad crazy. Insecurity, awkwardness, jealousy, possessiveness. These are all excellent traits of being bad crazy which qualify you as a grade A psycho girlfriend. Crazy girls, don’t give up hope. You CAN work through this. Improving everything in your life that can be improved is the key. Not worrying about what can’t be improved is your secondary key. Make your lifestyle outstanding and guys will be texting you and asking, “Where are you?”



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