What Makes a “Stronger Relationship?”

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Women are pretty easy going when it comes to relationships and what could make them better.  All they need is a few compliments, lots of affection, and maybe some hugs and kisses.  Well at least that is what men think.  However, after talking with a few women I think it goes a bit deeper than that.  Communication, laughing, hearing I love you every day are all things women say they want more of.   These are things that will create a stronger relationship.


Communication is a huge part of a strong relationship.  You cannot be afraid of getting your hands dirty and into an argument every once in a while.  Be kind to the other person but do not back down from what you feel is right.  This will only get you more respect in the long run and in turn create a stronger relationship.


Everyone loves to laugh and couples should laugh together as much as they can.  Women love to laugh so doing things together like going to see a funny movie or going out to a comedy show.  This will show that you care about each other and laughter increases a person’s happiness thus increasing the relationships strength.

Hearing the words “I Love You”.

Men reading this listen up!  Girlfriends, Wives, mothers, and daughters a like love to hear these three simple words, “I Love you”.  Saying these words to each other every day will ensure that your relationship together stays strong.  Even once a day before bed is a huge step to growing a stronger relationship with each other.

Never go to bed mad.

If you are fighting, you need to finish the fight.  They worst thing to do is to go to bed angry and upset.  You will first off not get a good night sleep, which for most is very important.  Second, you will wake up mad and go through your whole day mad.  That is not a good way to live your life and you will in turn take out your frustrations on others.  So talk it out, make up, and go to bed happy with each other.

These are just a few simple things you can do to make your relationship stronger.  If you ever ask yourself “what can I do to make my relationship stronger”, you can refer back to this and follow these simple steps to live by.

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