What Would The World Be Without Teachers?

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“Teachers, you have taught, challenged and inspired us. We can’t imagine a world without you.”

What would your life be like without teachers?

I magine the world without teachers. What if all these important individuals that we always take for granted never existed?
We may not have developed and processed the ability to imagine – being that imagination is a human trait, this may be crucial on how we are today.
So should we embrace this possibility in a different environment, a world without teachers where self-taught rule? How can we prepare children for a technological world while fighting the distractions it inevitably brings?
Everybody knows that teachers make a huge difference in our lives. They not only teach us the fundamentals of our education like reading, writing and mathematics, but also become our role models who inspire us in our lives. This is why on Teacher Appreciation Week, a week-long celebration observed in the month of May, we should thank them to express our deepest appreciation of all the things that they taught us that shaped us into the person we are today.

Here are great finds that make great and perfect gifts for your teachers. Show the love that you have for them and appreciate the life lessons they have given to you in return. Check it out:


The Emma Teacher Gifts and Appreciation, 2 + 2 = 5 Necklace reminds the teachers that they have great influence on who or what their students can become. They have the power to influence and inspire.

the best teacher ever

Little Critter has the best teacher around. Miss Kitty even makes math class fun! Join Little Critter as he searches for the perfect gift to show Miss Kitty just how special she is to him! 

Greeting Pen - Teachers

“Teachers Shape The Future” #1 Teacher rotating message pens – set of 6.”Teachers Shape The Future” #1 Teacher rotating pen features 4 inspiring messages that rotate with every click of the pen. Thank You For Teaching Me, What I Need To Know in Ways I Understand, and for Helping Me Learn Right From Wrong, with Kindness and Patience 

Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

Black Background with message “I’m a Teacher. What’s your super power?”
Background shows nice pictures of School Supplies; Apples, Rulers, Pencils, Books Etc.

teacher record book

Keep track of everything from attendance to test scores. This book features plenty of room for writing as well as perforated pages that allow one list of student names to be used across several pages of records.

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