When to Hand Him your Keys

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He recently stole your car without asking to go on a spontaneous road trip to IKEA. He frequently shows up at your house unannounced. Not in the romantic way, he always just wants to watch reruns of Law & Order. You still feel the need for that last layer of privacy and separation. Now is definitely NOT the time to hand him your keys.

But if you are…

Getting more and more comfortable with him, and know that you can trust him. You already leave the house unattended sometimes to run some errands, while he hangs out there. He’s watched over your place and watched Netflix while you went out with the girls. He has finally farted in front of you after being together for four months. You can now hand him your keys.

In all honesty, there isn’t a specific timeframe that’s set up to let you know exactly when you can give your significant other access to one of your biggest assets – your home and private life. Allowing someone the privilege of being involved with your most private self is a pretty big deal and opportunity for that person – or at least it should be. You need to be very intuitive and aware of your senses (which girls are absolutely great at) in order to pick up on this right moment.

Have you ever consciously noticed that particular moment that happens when you just know that you can trust someone? It usually occurs mid-conversation and comes after hours, days or even months of talking with a certain person. This timespan also depends on your past experiences and how trusting of a person you are. There are some people who can trust others within minutes (bar goers, beware). I can usually tell right away if I trust someone or not but I’ve been wrong about that more than a few times.

My point is this:  Make sure that you trust your boyfriend with 100% certainty before handing over the keys . That’s when you can be sure that you know the time is right. Whether you have a sweet downtown bachelorette pad loft or if you still live with your parents, the rule is the same. Give him the keys when he’s been proven to be trustworthy. Only you will know when that time comes, but I personally wouldn’t hand over the keys to my place unless I’ve spent a significant amount of time with that person for over five full months. Yeah that might seem like a long time, but I’m going to make sure that I know everything about a guy, his family and his background before I end up dead and on an episode of 60 Minutes. Precautions.

That’s just my rule though, and I’m pretty big on privacy. So I’m going to make sure that we’re 150% compatible before I hand a guy free reigning access to my most private and personal lifestyle – my homelife. You’re going to wake up next to this man everyday. You’ll eat breakfast and dinner together. You’re going to laugh and fight. And it’s going to be awesome. Just make sure that you do everything in your power to spend this time wisely, with the right person in your life. If you have the right person in your life, then handing over your keys shouldn’t be a big problem at all – you’ll feel that it’s right.

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