Women and Wine: It’s Complicated

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woman with wine

Wine is the last great permissible escape. It’s so ubiquitous in pop culture that there’s virtually no stigma to it anymore,”
- Adam Hanft

Unlike  other alcohol like beer, wine is more of a subtle profile.  Having a sip of wine feels like a bit of sophisticated rebellion. Classier than drinking vodka mixed with your favourite juice, wine still gives a desired tipsy feeling and moderately reduces inhibition. Mostly, women use wine as  a means of connecting with others. It also serves as a form of relaxant as it relieves stress. There is no question that with wine’s association to such  benefits makes it easy to love-and just as incredibly easy to abuse.

Personally, it always seems to me that wine, being a staple of social gatherings, has been a women’s ritual. I grew up in a generation of ladies watching the fabulous women of Sex and The City, wherein drinking wine has always been a large part of any social event. It is safe to say that the troop of women frequently drinking wine has deluged  popular culture.

women with wine

Wine is like chocolate to most women and may mean different things to different people. It is always said that,

“Women’s emotional connection to wine is benign and positive.”

The statement is true, but as any other substances, there is always the dark side to this ritual. When you see someone who drink a glass of vodka on the rocks on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how that could lead to an alcohol problem.  However, someone who has a glass of wine in the evenings is not usually identified as someone who could develop an alcohol problem because  drinking wine “is unquestionably more socially acceptable.” 

It always starts with having a few taste of any kind of alcohol, including the more accepted varieties of wine. Next thing you know, you start drinking more glasses than you ever did back in college. You may excuse your behaviour by saying that it alleviates your anxiety after a hard day’s work.

women with glasses of wine

But remember that anything in a fit of extravagance is deadly. Though red wine consumption reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, there is absolutely nothing glamorous or relaxing when you come into a point of passing out early in the evening, only to wake up with a pounding headache just because you have overused the excuse to drink more that the usual.

It is known that men abuse alcohol in social gatherings; however, women may uncork a bottle of wine and drink alone as a self-medication to anxiety and stress.  Drinking alone is one of the sign of an alcohol abuse problem. Dr. Deidra Roach, a health science administrator in the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, discussed alcoholism in women.

“Our latest epidemiological surveys show that more than 5 percent of women in the United States have alcohol use disorders. Typically, we know from our population surveys that the people who consume the most are highly educated women with high incomes,” Dr. Roach said.

On a lighter note, I still think that having a sip of wine with friends or after a day’s work is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This nightly ritual makes it explicitly comforting but potentially dangerous. That is why, as women of the modern century, we aim to make our love affair with wine to be leisurely slow and just right. We should treat wine as our endearing romantic partner with whom we lavishly want and not definitely just need.


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