You Know You Have Too Much Money When Your Kids Dress Like This

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The rich and the famous want to lavish themselves with multimillion dollar houses, quarter million dollar cars, luxurious lifestyle, and of course, expensive couture clothing.

The celebrities and the wealthy also lavish their children with that lifestyle, which especially includes designer clothing. However, recently, not only the celebrities and the wealthy dress their children that way. Kids’ couture has become a phenomenon practiced by a lot of parents who want their children to look in style.  Celebrity kids such as Zuma and Kingston Rossdale, Mason Kardashian Disick, Skyler Zoe Berman, and Harper Beckham all add to the standards of this extremely extravagant trend . There are even a lot of kids’ couture clothes rental shops sprouting in many places.

This rage can be attributed to little fashion Queen, Suri Cruise. She was born with a silver spoon and a $150,000 shoe collection from high end designers such as Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs. Her wardrobe reportedly cost an overly expensive amount of $3.2 million, and that’s when she was barely a year old.

Designers Hopping on the Kid Couture Bandwagon

According to the fashion editor of US Weekly, Sasha Charnin Morrison, the kid couture movement started when people saw so many pictures of Suri in her elaborate, impressive, and expensive wardrobe. Designers saw an opportunity for profit when they saw that they can dress children as well as they can dress their parents. This claim has been reinforced with the fact that children are actually aware of their parents’ designer clothing and they want to dress in the same manner.

French fashion designer Roger Vivier, who specializes in shoes, didn’t have a children’s line. But after he made a custom design for Suri in 2008 and saw all the photographs and its popularity, he soon announced that he will be starting one.

Recently, Gucci also launched its first children’s line with its ad campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez’ twins. More designers hopped onto the kid couture bandwagon including Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Philip Lim, and Oscar de la Renta. All of these designers are well aware of how much publicity and promotion the celebrity toddlers are giving their labels.

According to one market-research firm, children’s apparel sales grew almost twice as much when compared to women’s apparel in 2012. Aside from the couture dresses and apparels, some brands even went further to marketing alcohol-free fragrances that start at $45 per bottle. Some of these brands include Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari’s Petitis et Mamans, and Burberry’s Baby Touch.

Children’s boutique Little Edit co-founder, Alissa Emerson, said most of her customers buy their products because they are inspired by celebrity kids, which most of the time is Suri. Emerson said, there is a big increase in sales of children’s wear between the pre-Suri and the post-Suri trend. She also said that this could just be a starting trend.

Why parents let their children wear couture?

According to Teen Vogue’s Jane Keltner de Valle, kids’ couture is not to be worn on the playground, but for special occasions, and that more people are buying these collections. The number of people buying expensive clothes for their kids puts the recession out of the picture.

According to a consumer tracking firm, children’s clothing went over $32 billion in the United States of America in 2012 and that $800 million of that amount went to designer labels.

Big City Moms co-founder Leslie Venokur said the massive success of these kids’ lines may be attributed to parents who want to lavish their children with high-end wear that they can’t afford for themselves. She said that parents just want to give their children the best. Other parents have the mindset of giving their children everything, even if it means not going out to dinner or not buying the latest handbags for themselves.

What do Moms have to say about the latest kid couture craze?

Most girls from ages five to twelve feel that fashion is a big thing for them. These girls already have high-end labels in their closet including Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs, especially since these are the favourites of celebrities.

Most moms, however, see this as additional pressure; both they and their tots need to have the looks that are promoted by celebrities and the media. Some moms are culture shocked at the dynamic generation saying that, back in the old days moms wore moms’ clothes while children wore children’s clothes. However, all of that is blurred now.

There are some moms who even claim that instilling the idea of wearing couture makes it harder for them to teach children the proper values in life.

The ludicrousness of this lifestyle is always on the spotlight, thanks to the media, but this has been and always will be criticized by the public. What ethics does this extravagance teach the kids these days?

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