You Might Have Puffy Eyes When…

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There are many reasons why you might get puffy eyes.

You might get puffy eyes when:

You don’t get enough sleep
You have allergies
You watch too much TV
You sleep with your glasses tightly on
There’s too much wind or air conditioning blowing into your eyes
You sleep under a direct light source
You get botox
You get punched
You partially tear the eye muscle by winking too much
You receive an acid burn wound

Although some of them might seem a bit flippant, these reasons are all plausible. But, no matter the reason why you have puffy eyes, they’re still unpleasant to have. Luckily,  there are a few ways to cure puffy eyes, from quick fixes for you late-nighters, to the reduction of bags for intense scenarios .

Puffy Eyes Fixes

Get more sleep or wear an ice mask:

To state the obvious, if you’re getting bags due to lack of sleep, watching too much TV, or eyes drying out from the AC, then get more sleep, reduce the amount of time watching TV, and step away from the AC. However, if these suggestions do not work, then try Hervé Bernard’s first advice –a cold mask.


Tea bags or cucumber:

Personally, I love using frozen tea bags or cool cucumber slices over my bags for 10 minutes — during which time, I can take a short nap. I wake up feeling refreshed and alert. In general, anything cold will reduce puffiness because coldness will reduce the blood flow by restricting the blood vessels that cause the swelling.


Retinol mask:

Another way to fix puffy eyes is by using a retinol mask. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and helps increase cell turnover AND firms your skin. My favorite is Shiseido’s Benefiance Pure Retinol Eye Mask. I leave these on for about an hour and my eyes come out so smooth! There tends to be excess retinol fluid, so what I do is smear the excess fluid over my face in wrinkle prone areas such as smile wrinkles, forehead, and neck. However, these masks are costly at $63 for a box of 12 applications so, if you can’t afford these masks, use a retinol-based cream or a vitamin A mask.

retinol eye mask for puffy eyes

Finally, I’ll leave you with tips on preventing puffy eyes:

Avoid allergens.
Drink plenty of water.
Sleep with your head elevated.
Limit alcohol and salt consumption
Eat lots of water-rich fruits & vegetables.
Don’t drink caffeinated drinks after noon! You won’t be able to sleep early.


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