You Must Love Dogs!

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you must love dogs


Dog Trivia:
Do you know that “Facebook’s most popular dog” is a Pomeranian called Boo who has over 11 million likes? He has been an internet sensation that started last October 2010 when celebrities like Khloe Kardashian posted Boo’s picture on Facebook and famous singer, Kesha, referred to Boo as her new boyfriend via Tweeter.

Boo also has two picture books entitled Boo: The Adventures of the Cutest Dog in the World and Boo: Little Dog in the Big City published by Chronicle Books. His photos were also featured in an airplane of the Virgin America company, being their Official Pet Liaison.

Who doesn’t love dogs? People refer to a dog as a man’s best friend which is probably the most compassionate tag line about dogs. Though there are thousands of animal species that humans adopt to be part of their lives, a huge percentage of people still chose dogs.

The divine relationship between humans and pets is inevitably majestic. This has imparted to distinguish people with their pets’ personality, based on interests and values. You could either be a cat person, bird person, or a dog person based on your preferences. However, there is more into just typecasting yourself. Surprisingly, there are studies that analyzed the scientific observation behind a dog person.

About 45% of the participants of a study, conducted by Samuel Gosling and colleagues, have identified themselves as a dog person. Compare this to only 11.5% who said that they are more of a catperson. Another study shows that dog people perceive their relationship with their dogs as a mirror of themselves. This means that they seek a dog that clearly complements and represents their personalities.

What seems to be a diverse result of these studies is relatively unsubstantial to how pet owners really feel about their dogs as are part of their family. The explicit affair of humans to dogs is so fascinating that only a dog person can truly understand. But how do you really identify yourself as a dog person? You’ll be amazed at how much you yourself have behaved like the uncanny, but most beautiful members of the dog people.


Check out this fun, quick list to test yourself to see if you are indeed a dog person.Love Dogs

You have doubtlessly decided to move from a big house to a smaller one with a huge span of land so you could make room for your dream kennel.

You have spent more time with excitement in scanning dog supplies through your mail-to-order catalogues than new releases of nighties from Victoria’s Secret or gadgets from Miles Kimball.

You tend to agree with your dog when he does not like your visitor. You also adore people who love your dog and despise those who don’t.

Poop has started to be the main source of your conversation with your partner and it bothers him when you begin to bark at your kids to “Sit! Stay!”

Nobody is allowed to play on your priced furniture. You would rather let your dog sleep anywhere that they chose.

You sleep with your dog and snuggle closer to him than the person you have promised your whole marriage life with

You have probably taken a lot of pictures of your dog more than any member of your family that are actually humans.

You installed baby gates strategically in your house even when you don’t have babies, and refer yourself as Mommy when it comes to your baby pups.

You are amazed when your dog tries to inspect your dates and most importantly, ask if he or she likes dogs.

You are far more anxious with your dog’s needs rather than yours, even with a tight budget. Then spend more on your dog when not.

If you agree to most of the behaviours above, then you are unquestionably, a true-blue dog person. You may or may not realize it, but these habits are just part of a dog person’s commonality with being a loving parent in nature. This is just a small percentage of things people do for the most loyal beings on earth. So if you have reached about 90%, you REALLY must love dogs, right!?


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